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Meg & Dia gifs
A collection of gifs of the band Meg & Dia.

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by the way, i never liked your hands on me
never liked your ideas of what is beautiful
or real and truly holy

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You’re my wish tonight.

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falling in love all over again with their music

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Said and Done - Meg and Dia (Cocoon)

When we’re comfortable, And we’re all grown up, When it’s all said and done, Will you still love me?

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Meg and Dia.

Forever my favorite band.

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Meg and Dia, yet again.

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Meg & Dia-“Santa Barbara (Full Version)”

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Fate leave on my doorstep
A soldier, a soldier
A fable, a fortune
I long for, I long for

Ever so secret I see
What’s in store for me
I won’t let it mislead
Oh no. 
No, it hasn’t happened yet

As for the dying
And the fading
And resolve to be
Okay with the natural decay
I’ll choose illusion
And safety a hundred times over
I’m prepared to be happy and deceived
I’m supposed to be happy and deceived

Let us find perfection
And nonsense in all we are
Save defects for later
We’re angels for now

Hide my uniform pride
Your arrogant side
I’m aching already
Hide your taciturn, mundane expressions
Affection will carry us a little while more

Let us be entertained
Let me believe it ends this way

I’m prepared to be happy and deceived
Drop this curtain
I’m happy and naive